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I’m home from the Femme Fatale Tour!

Let me just tell you, Britney’s show in Boston was nothing less than spectacular! I know, Brit always puts on a show, but she exceeded my expectations. It was unbelievable. 

DJ Pauly D was the first opening act and he was alright. If he wasn’t on Jersey Shore he would not be good enough to be on this tour… just sayin. I had fun fist pumping though!

Nicki was INSANE. I was going hard to her lyrics singing/rapping along and I think the people in front of me thought I was insane. It’s cool. She looked so good, especially when she changed wigs and came out at the end during TTWE. I fucking love this woman.

Now, the living legend. When I got to the arena and saw how close my seats were I was almost in tears. I’ve seen Britney live twice before but I was always in the far back balcony. These seats were so close within steps I could be joining her on stage.

Each and every performance was spectacular and I loved the video interludes, the were super fun and creepy. I assume they chose the lucky fan who goes on stage before the show, for her special lapdance, but that didn’t stop me from running towards the stage screaming, trying to get them to chose me. I wasn’t pulled up on stage, sadly, but I’ll live.

 All in all this show was so unbelievable. The fact that I was in the presence of a living legend made me want to just die right there. I don’t know if I will ever experience anything as wonderful as I did tonight.

Thank you Britney.